Thursday, March 15, 2012

Invisible Children Are Now Rising Up to Claim Their Place in the Sun: A Video Goes Viral

The Kony 2012 campaign is truly a highly sophisticated and worthwhile campaign that has already galvanized the attention of millions of young people. As evidence the film was posted on March 5 by March 12 it received 26 million views. It is not surprising--the video is one of the best of its kind--authentic voice, well shot and edited and strong on message designed for an audience that is well targeted. There are some that are highly critical of the film and the associated advocacy project--Ethan Zuckerman for one who provides a pretty informed picture of the in his blog. Still the energy which now captivates so many young people that is born of social networking seems to presage a new tomorrow for global awareness among this generations' youth and a fierce determination to make sure that the efforts encapsulate all the key elements--political as well as cultural forces that need to be part of a strong solution if we are to be effective in solving the challenges that afflict us as a planet.