Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Charity Reflections this Mother's Day

As I was reviewing my giving for this upcoming Mother's Day, (I wanted to give something of value to celebrate the life of my own mother who passed away at the end of last year and decided on a gift that UNICEF provides for those children who do not have school supplies. ) I thought how does anyone know that their preferred charity is administratively sound--that we will be getting our money's worth? How much is their overhead? Could they be better organized if they worked together rather than pay for separate staff and facilities both domestically and in other countries?
One tool you can use is Charity Navigator--they provide vital statistics of more or less most charities. I was glad to see UNICEF was in their highly rated category with their overhead costs a modest 2.8%.

Educators might want to use this tool as they help their students to understand the increasingly important work of charities and discuss their role. Charity Navigators'
include some useful tips on giving that might be the subject of some discussions and exercises.

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