Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Is the Kahn Academy Ready To Change Education Globally?

If Bill Gates is impressed-we should be too. Viewing this TED lecture I am more convinced that we can create a classroom centered on mastery learning and so avoid the problems caused by using other metrics such as time on task. Kahn seems to have moved beyond his neat video tutorials to figuring out how to implement a model of how to use these videos in a real classroom through effective management of who has mastered the concepts and who continues to struggle. Through the use of data collected from his pilot studies in the Los Altos schools we can now see that almost all of the students eventually reached mastery. This is big news. Now the question is can we scale this intervention model of delivering education effectively. Kahn suggests peers who have mastered the concepts can be as effective as a teacher. He may be right and he may well have developed an effective model that can change millions of lives forever. Let's hope so!

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